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Chef Zara
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Wholesome Ingredients

Organic, non-GMO ingredients. California produce, grass fed beef & dairy, cage free poultry, sustainable seafood.

Fully Customizable

This menu is just a starting point. Inquire for vegan, gluten-free, and other personalization options.

No Kitchen Required

Our chefs are experts at creating amazing dishes even when there isn't a kitchen. They only need a stove and a sink.

The chef will bring everything required to cook but you are responsible for dinnerware and the rest. Don't have enough? Ask for rentals.

Clean Up is Included!

The chef will make sure the kitchen is spotless,  all equipment and surfaces are clean.

Ready to Eat

All meals come fully prepared, packed in individual containers, and just need to be reheated.

Contact-less Delivery or Pick-Up

Your meals are delivered via Uber. Delivery fees vary and are based on location. Pick-up is free!

I’m Zara, also known as The Macro Muse. I combined my inspirations and macrobiotic studies to create beautiful and delicious meals for vibrant living and health. I grew up in southern California, always cooking and intrigued by the science e behind the effects of food. Wellness and athletics were always a large part of my life, and early on was able to connect food to performance and mood. I became further intrigued by health while obtaining my degree in Exercise and Sport Science and Biology from The University of San Francisco. During college, I adopted a macrobiotic approach to diet and lifestyle to increase energy and stay focused while running competitively.

I attended the Kushi Macrobiotic Institute in Massachusetts, going on to join their cooking staff as head chef and cooking class assistant for two years. The macrobiotic training levels include the in-depth study of cooking, macrobiotic philosophy, shiatsu massage, and oriental diagnosis.

Since leaving The Kushi Institute, I spent the next decade working in private family homes as a chef, educator, and family assistant. I have enjoyed cooking for yoga retreats and teaching at events. I’ve enjoyed improving the lives and health of families, often times as a live-in to further deepen and encourage long-lasting habits. I’ve also spent a decade on and off at a biodynamic farm and community in Alaska, living amongst families, cooking, and healing others using food as medicine. When you work with me, I teach you how to become your own healer with the principles passed down through ancient teachings, paired with a modern day approach.

Let me guide, nourish you, and open your eyes to delicious healthy meals.

Career Highlights

Macrobiotic Chef & Teacher
Nov 2007 • Present • 13 years

Education & Certificates

Exercise and Sport Science and Biology
The University of San Francisco

Kushi Macrobiotic Institute

Food Safety


Here is what they said about the Chef.

Cathy Creighton

Zara is at home in the kitchen and is knowledgeable about healthy food, natural food in a way that comes through her intuitive and delicious cooking.

Cathy Creighton

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Chef Zara


Chef Zara

A master of the macrobiotic movement and health obsessive, Chef Zara uses food to nourish and heal.