Chef Chris
Chef Chris

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Chef Chris

Passionate vegan chef with a penchant for baking aims to change the way vegan cooking is both performed and perceived.

Raised in a family of cooks – both amateur and professional - this Southern chef says his upbringing in the kitchen and time spent in the family restaurant are at the heart of his love of cooking.

A lifelong baker, he recently appeared on “The Great American Baking Show,” an experience he says, that taught him he was capable of “doing big things!”

Chef Chris is on a mission to prove that vegan meals can be every bit as satisfying as “regular” food. If you’ve got a dish you love but don’t eat because you’re vegan, he can probably make it for you! 

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Chef Chris

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Whatever dish somebody is craving, I can recreate it for them in vegan form”, says Chris Tucker, vegan chef extraordinaire. And he really means any dish! Whether it’s fried ‘chicken’ or mac and cheese, Chef Chris’s ability to reverse engineer any food to vegan standards is nothing short of remarkable.  

Raised in family of serious cooks, this Orlando, Florida native who loves Southern comfort food, reports that he grew up with flour on his nose. From his Grandma Mimi who taught him to bake (her peanut butter truffles were the first thing he cooked), to his other grandparents who owned a restaurant where he spent much of his time, Chef Chris was all but destined to become a chef.

As part of his launch into the food world, about three years ago this 100% self-taught chef competed as a contestant on the British television program, “The Great American Baking Show” (yes, that baking show!). It was an experience that changed more than just his baking as he explains. “One of the biggest things I learned while being in London filming was that I was able to achieve big things!”

While he could have worked in or even opened his own restaurant, Chef Chris chose to become a private chef for a very specific reason: “Food is an extremely intimate experience and so having that ability to really connect with a smaller group of people and carefully tailor a menu to their needs is very special.”

Chef Chris
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Great American Baking Show: Holiday Edition

Betta with Butta

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Chef Chris' desserts are so good it's almost sinful!

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Chef Chris
Chef Chris