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Hire a trusted chef for your next event, so you can enjoy your party.

Set the Rules
1. Set the Rules

Choose a signature menu or let your Chef tailor one for you.

Meet Your Chef
2. Meet Your Chef

They arrive with organic ingredients and do it all from prep to cleaning up.

Enjoy Your Party!
3. Enjoy Your Party!

Quality food made with love plus good times with your guests.

Impress Your Guests.

Your home is the hottest restaurant in town and you have the best seat. View all menus

Happy Clients.

Here are what some of our clients have said about our Chefs and foodpeople.

Huge value

We could not be more thrilled with this service!!

Tara C.
Cathy Creighton


Cathy Creighton
Always polite, respectful and very professional!

Chef who goes above and beyond to make sure all guest's dietary requests are met!


Bet You Have Questions.

Here are some answers. More questions?

How can I trust your Chefs?

foodpeople chefs are all professional chefs with excellent culinary degrees and years of experience in the industry. We carefully interview each chef and taste their food before we start working with them.

Where do the Chefs do the shopping?

foodpeople chefs know which source has the best ingredient. So they shop from several different local stores to make sure each ingredient is wholesome, organic and sustainable.

Is my kitchen going to be enough?

Our chefs are experts at creating amazing dishes even when there isn't a kitchen.

Ideally, your kitchen has a stove and a sink, but there has been a case where one of our chefs baked several cakes using a just small toaster oven (they were delicious)!