The Joy of Not Cooking.

Find a trusted Chef for your next event, so you can enjoy your guests.

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The Joy of Not Cooking.

Find a trusted chef for your next event, so you can enjoy your party.

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Easy as Pumpkin Pie.

Don't worry, you are in good hands.

Set the Rules

1. Set the Rules

Tell us what you have in mind or let your Chef design it for you.

Meet Your Chef

2. Meet Your Chef

They arrive with organic ingredients and do it all from prepping to cleaning up.

Enjoy Your Party!

3. Enjoy Your Party!

Quality food plus good times with your guests.

Speaking of Pumpkin Pie...

Treat yourself and your family on Thanksgiving. Enjoy the most scrumptious bird without lifting a finger.

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Bet You Have Questions.

Here are some answers. More questions?

Chef Zara making sushi

How can I trust your chefs?

Every chef on foodpeople is a professional with an excellent culinary degree. We carefully interview each chef and conduct a tasting session before we start working with them.

Additionally, we promise to quickly help if anything goes wrong with your reservation (also every private event booked with us is protected by a multi-million-dollar insurance policy).

Verified Chefs

Where do you buy the ingredients?

foodpeople chefs only use organic ingredients. Even though each chef may shop from their favorite stores, they make sure all proteins are grass-fed beef, cage-free poultry, and wild-caught/sustainable seafood whenever possible.

Organic IngredientsNo GMO
Chef Emre Shopping
Chef Zara is prepping

What about the kitchen requirements?

Our chefs are experts at creating amazing dishes even when there isn't a kitchen! Ideally, your kitchen has a stove and a sink, but there has been a where one of our chefs baked several cakes using a just small toaster oven (they were delicious).

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Happy Clients.

Here are what some of our clients have written on our guestbook.

Wonderful Christmas

Well, once again I am LATE in thanking you for the WONDERFUL Christmas eve dinner. It was stress free and fabulous!!! Angie couldn’t stop talking about how much she enjoyed having not only a chef, but Chef Lori!! You’re just the best!!!! We had prime rib sandwiches on Christmas and died!! Did you see the young kids going back for Salmon? :) And that Charcuterie!! We enjoyed that for a few days after! And the triffle!! It was yummy the next day too!!! Thank you Thank you!!

Judy M.

She is a gem

Can’t believe it has taken me two weeks to review Chef Lori, but I think it’s because I’ve just awoken from the UNBELIEVABLE food coma I’ve been in since Lori came and cooked for us. Not only was she SO flexible on the kitchen setup, menu, ingredients, and location, she was simply so nice. After arriving on time, she took charge of the kitchen and made the experience as wonderful as possible. We did not lift a finger once she was there, and her explanations and general conversations about food and more were just delightful. It was nice to also have her remind me that the dinner party was at our own pace. She did not rush us, and it helped with the overall five-star experience. I will definitely use Lori again in a heartbeat if she accepts bc I waited two weeks to write this. She is a GEM. Thank you again!!!!

Sarah A.


Joey did an amazing job. The food was fabulous and loved the presentation !! You can tell Joey loves what he is doing and it shows in the food he prepares for you and your guests. I highly recommend him. What a treat !!!