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What’s different about foodpeople?

We are doing what we love & care about: helping our two favorite groups of people live better lives. We are dedicated cultivating relationships with chefs who are the best of the best, not just in the kitchen, but people we'd also want to be friends with, and matching them with those who care about living fulfilling lives while their dollars help make the world a better place.

We promise to take care of our clients, our chefs, our communities, and our planet.

How can I trust your Chefs?

foodpeople chefs are all professional chefs with excellent culinary degrees and years of experience in the industry. We carefully interview each chef and taste their food before we start working with them.

Where do the Chefs buy the ingredients?

foodpeople chefs know which source has the best ingredient. So they shop from several different local stores to make sure each ingredient is wholesome, organic and sustainable.

Non-GMO, California produce grass fed beef & dairy, cage free poultry, sustainable seafood. If they are unable find organic ingredients, our chefs use their judgment to find a healthy alternative.

What are the venue requirements?

Our chefs are experts at creating amazing dishes even when there isn't a kitchen. Ideally, your kitchen has a stove and a sink, but there has been a case where one of our chefs baked several cakes using a just small toaster oven (they were delicious)!

A clear and clean kitchen
Please remove all tchotchkes, smaller appliances (like mixers, toaster ovens, etc.), and decor from the countertop (our incredible chefs need all the real estate they can get!).

Our chef/staff will need access to kitchen up to two hours before and after event (so, if your event is from 7 p.m. – 10 p.m., we will need access to kitchen from 5 p.m. – 12 a.m.)

Rasonable parking
Our chefs will need to be able to park within 20-30 ft. of your home or at least have temporary access close to the entrance.

Proper dinnerware, silverware, & glassware
While we provide great food, as stated above, we provide no tabletop items of any kind so unless you want your guests to eat directly off the table, we’ll need you to provide these.

Standard kitchen equipment
This includes a sink, a fridge, a stove, an oven, and standard cookware. If you’re missing one or any of these (or yours is out of commission) we just need to know at least seven (7) days in advance so we can plan.

How does this work?

Enjoy the comfort of your home while your chef does the rest.

  1. Find a chef you like by browsing curated menus.
  2. Tell your chef the details of your event.
  3. Request changes or approve the final menu your chef creates for you.
  4. Pay 50% deposit* so your chef can buy the healthiest ingredients right before your event.
  5. Your chef will arrive a few hours before your event to start preparing.
  6. Based on your preferences, your chef will serve the food then leave your kitchen spotless. Loved the service? Feel free to tip your chef (and the staff).
  7. The remainder of your bill is charged.

* If your event is sooner than seven days, you'll be asked to pay the full bill.

What's included in the price?

foodpeople prices are all inclusive. Your final quote includes:

  • All the hours it takes for our expert chefs to shop, plan, and prepare your foodpeople menu(s).
  • All the ingredients necessary for the menu you’ve chosen.
  • Hard-to-find items from our chefs’ private pantry stock.
  • Rentals consultation.
  • Any necessary specialized equipment not regularly found in most kitchens (cast iron skillets, sous vides, large pots, etc.).
  • Cleaning of any plates or cutlery that we use at clients’ home. Plates are washed and left to dry or put in the dishwasher after the meal is cleared.
  • foodpeople service fee to keep us providing the quality service that we are proud of.
  • Sales tax charged by the chef for the cost of ingredients as it's required by law.

Gratuity is not included.

What's not included in the price?
  • Chef’s gratuity
  • Gratuity for any members of staff including servers, assistants, etc.
  • Any and all dinnerware including cutlery, glassware of any kind, serving platters, serving dishes, napkins, tablecloths, runners, serving utensils, salt, and pepper shakers or any other item necessary to serve or eat (if you do not have those things, they can be rented through a company we work with regularly)
  • Pre-event tasting of meals
  • Washing of rental items that are not from our rental company only (if you use items from a different rental company, please check their policy to see what their requirements for cleaning are)
  • Hand washing of stemware (they will be rinsed with water only and set aside unbroken)
  • Décor
  • Drinks, including water unless it's discussed/specified in the menu
What's your cancellation policy?

While we understand things come up, and we are empathetic to circumstances changing, if you need to reschedule your booking, you must do so seven (7) days before your event. Please contact us if you'd like to reschedule a reservation.

What if I want to work with a Chef exclusively?

That’s wonderful! We are so glad you liked your chef so much that you would like to work with them every time! This can certainly be arranged, granted your chef is available when you require our services. One way of ensuring availability would be to book us in advance.

Additionally, if you book with us on a regular basis, for example, four times a week, or once a month, we will provide you with discounted rates to show our appreciation for your patronage! Please contact us to learn the possibilities of our Exclusives Circle.

What about...

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