Make Memories.

There are so many ways through which people find common bonds: music, art, sports, and even humor. But, there’s only one thing that truly ties together every single person on the planet. Food.

Whether you’re a farmer in Iowa, a Flamenco dancer in Spain, or a teacher in Tanzania, food is a constant for all of us. It nourishes us emotionally as much as physically, restores long-forgotten memories, and signals togetherness the minute we sit down at the table. In an increasingly and often overwhelmingly digital world, it reminds us that life is real and that we need connection.

It was that mantra which inspired foodpeople. It is the guiding theory behind everything we do.


foodpeople was started in 2018 by Eren Emre, who, like so many of us, started on one path in life and ended up walking another.

Motivated by a lifelong fascination with computers and the Internet, Eren came to the States in 2008 to pursue a career in the tech world. But after ten years in the industry, Eren found himself disillusioned by the world he had helped create, so he dropped everything and left for Singapore with nothing but a one-way ticket and the hope of rekindling that spark of life that only the non-digital world could provide.

75 days of fruitless searching later, Eren returned home to California, no more certain about where his life was going than when he left. Finally, he asked himself just one question:

What really connects us?

And thus, foodpeople was born.

Based on the premise that food is the ultimate connector, but that we are being fed more and more garbage, both literally and figuratively, Eren vowed to start an on-demand chef service that vetted and matched elite, environmentally responsible chefs with foodies who wanted true, sustainable, organic meals sourced locally that they could enjoy with their people.

What makes foodpeople so special?

foodpeople was designed to give people the ability to find a vetted chef quickly for any type of food-related event. But ultimately, Eren wanted people to feel the pleasure and pride that comes with serving exceptional meals to people you love. He wanted people to have the peace of mind that comes with stellar customer service and the luxury of spending more time with the people they care about.

For his team of personal chefs, he wanted to create an easy-to-use platform that enabled them to spend more time creating and less time marketing or worrying about things like what insurance policies they need (yes, we’ve even taken care of that, too).

He wanted to make the go-to platform for Chefs whose ethos was no junk, no nonsense, as sustainable as possible. Just connection, quality, and accountability.

And just like our Chefs and the remaining few companies we all admire today, foodpeople’s promise to everyone we work with is that we’ll put planet and people before profit and leave the world—and your home—a better place than we left it, using what connects us best. Food + people.

We leave no trace except the memory of a meal well served.