Chef Zara

Chef Zara

Long Beach, CA

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About the Chef

Chef Zara was raised in southern California. She has a B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science from The University of San Francisco. During college she adopted a macrobiotic approach to diet and lifestyle to increase energy and stay focused while running competitively.

Chef Zara grew up wanting to help people – thus, becoming a doctor was the career path that resonated with her first, so she pursued it.

However, having witnessed various family members suffer from multiple diseases and wanting answers, and through research and her own experiences, Zara eventually found that conventional Western medicine merely provides temporary relief for symptoms, and only a healthy diet paired with physical activity provides lasting health. Studying to become a doctor no longer seemed as intriguing.

In her research she discovered macrobiotics and eventually attended the Kushi Macrobiotic Institute in Massachusetts, going on to join their cooking staff as head chef and cooking class assistant for two years. The macrobiotic training levels include in-depth study of cooking, macrobiotic philosophy, shiatsu massage, and oriental diagnosis. She has prior experience working as a Physical Therapy Assistant and Personal Trainer and has obtained a Pilates and Personal Trainer certification.

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  • Kushi Macrobiotic Institute

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